Monday, March 9, 2009

Will is 18 Months Today!

Will is 18 months old today! It has gone by soooo fast! Will & I did a little photo shoot this morning. You probably would not know it from the pics, but he is home today w/ a slight fever and cold :( We had fun taking the pictures, Will just wanted to do it his way mostly though.

Will is now 22 lbs (10%) and 31 3/4 inches long (50%). He is doing excellent, but he sure does have a very strong willed personality! He is determined to do pretty much anything he sets his mind to and also anything that Drew does! He loves to climb and do everything that he should not! He also loves to give us all 5am wake up calls -ahhhhh!!! The other thing we are working on with Will - he enjoys sinking his little teeth into someone for both giggles and if someone does not give him his way! Oh the joys of an 18 month old...but this will all pass - we hope!

On the flip side, he can be one of the sweetest little boys. He babbles to us constantly, we have picked up on several of his words. He loves to talk to us, he also loves to give hugs, high fives, peek aboos, clap and dance. And he is even a little helper, this morning he helped me make blueberry muffins :o) We enjoy every minute with him!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

February Pics & Updates...

Here are pics and updates on some of what has been going on with Drew & Will lately...

Drew was very busy during his school vacation week. During the week Drew went to Sweet Sensations w/ his Cub Scout group. They watched a chocolate cake be decorated by a professional and then they got to eat it...yummy!!! He played a lot of basketball w/ some friends, went swimming, played at the Y, took a trip to Brewer/Bangor, a trip to NH w/ his dad, went skiing and played his Nintendo Wii & DS! He is one busy little boy!

Will continues to be very active! He gets into everything! He is generally a very happy little toddler as long as he has had enough sleep! He babbles constantly and we have started to pick up on more of his words, but still do not understand most of what he is saying, hopefully soon!? Will & Mommy have been going to Music Together everything Thurs morning since Sept. Will has met some new playmates and enjoys dancing and playing w/ the instruments. He starts daycare (we call it school) next week 2 days per week. He finally got into the same daycare center that Drew went to for 4 years so we are excited about that!

Since we are always talking about teeth in our house, we thought we would give you a tooth update...Drew has now lost 4 teeth - 2 on the bottom & 2 on the top. Will has 12 teeth now w/ 2 more coming thru on the top!!!

Drew & Gary put together this pirate ship made out of paper cards.

Drew, Will, Cameron & Anna during outside play.

Will working with his Daddy.
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Drew Went Skiing!!

Drew went skiing for the 1st time at the Camden Snow Bowl today. He was a little nervous at first and even tried to back out of going. But, we kept telling him how much fun he would have so he said he would try it. Of course, he ended up having a great time and did not want to leave! He even saw one of his little friends there!

Will w/ his little playmate...

Will hanging out with Supercat :)
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Working w/ Daddy

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Using the Chalkboard w/ Great Grammie Black

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A visit from Trinity

Will sometimes sits on his drum and reads books from his basket, it is soooo cute!!!!

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